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Plumbing Doctor, the Experienced Leak Detection Experts

Water leaks can be costly to your water bill. Here at the Plumbing Doctor, we have 28 years of professional experience dealing with water leaks and plumbing issues. Our leak detection expertise covers both residential and commercial properties. If you are trying to find a leak in your home, we recommend the following helpful tips:

  • Check Your Garden Hoses, Taps
  • Check Your Drip Irrigation Systems
  • Check Your Shower Head
  • Check Your Swimming Pool
  • Check Your Toilet
  • Check Your Meter Line

Since 1990, we have been dedicated to making sure your plumbing needs are met. Our polite, and highly-trained staff are available for any plumbing emergency. We provide 24-hour services extending all over the El Paso metro area.

In addition to leak detection services, Plumbing Doctor offers:

  • New Construction Plumbing Installation
  • Repair And Maintenance
  • Remodeling
  • Video Pipe Inspection
  • Washer-Dryer Hook-Up
  • And More

Our discount prices are unbeatable. We take pride in our commitment to exceptional plumbing services. Call us today at (915) 519-1083 for an appointment.



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